Fraser Island is a magnificent sand island off the Qld coast well north of Brisbane, but also well south of the Barrier Reef. The island, until a very recent chequered ‘let’s exploit era’ is now a world heritage location. A one day visit quickly justifies this important world classification. For those of us with long memories, it is a shame the Lake Peddar protestors to a hydro dam in Tasmania were not as successful as the Qld conservation progressives.

The freshwater lakes on Fraser Island are some of the cleanest lakes in the world. A popular tourist area is Lake McKenzie which is located inland from the small town of Eurong. It is a "perched" lake sitting on top of compact sand and vegetable matter 100 metres above sea level. Pure white silica sand beaches greet you.

Fraser Island is an Ozzie Icon of substance and is a must visit. The cost has to be rationalized against how often one will visit. Once for most of us.

Rain forests, sandy beaches, translucent lakes and a rich history await you; and all in a day.

The first recorded European to sight Fraser Island was James Cook who passed along the coast of the island between 18 and 20 May 1770.

The name Fraser Island comes from Eliza Fraser and her story of survival from a shipwreck on the island. Captain James Fraser and his wife, Eliza Fraser, were shipwrecked on the island in 1836.

A major landmark of Fraser Island is the shipwreck of the S.S. Maheno. On June 25, 1935 the ship was being towed from Melbourne when it was caught in a strong cyclone. A few days later, on July 9, 1935 she drifted ashore and was beached on Fraser Island.

Dingoes were once common on the island, but are now decreasing. The Fraser Island dingoes are reputedly some of the last remaining pure dingoes in Australia.

We will allow our photographs convince you a visit to Fraser Island is an essential icon discovery for all. Fraser Island lives up to your heightened anticipation. And the island awaits.

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