Chiltern is another proud historic centre that is staying true to the heritage. The traveler will have to take a short diversion to visit Chiltern, the time and effort is worth it.

The town is close to the Chiltern-Mount Pilot National Park. Chiltern was once on the main road between Melbourne and Sydney. The township, named after the Chiltern Hills in England, and was surveyed in 1853 but not established until gold discoveries in 1858-59 during the greater gold rush period.

Many of Chiltern's buildings are classified by the National Trust. The Grape Vine Hotel, on the corners of Main Street and Conness Street, boasts the largest grapevine in Australia. Planted in 1867.

The discovery of gold in the late 1858 early 1859, brought a huge shift in population into the Chiltern

Unlike those surfaced based sluicing mining operations around Beechworth, the gold around Chiltern was extracted by sinking deep wet leads. These operations required a different type of miner and working groups, capable of sinking shafts to some 400 feet in depth. Miners with these skills and experiences came into the area, from and joined with the sluices from around Beechworth and the Ovens. Miners from the Ballarat goldfields were considered 'radical', because of their connections with the rebellions of (1854).

Many of Chiltern's buildings are classified by the National Trust, not the least the United and Anglican Churches. Unfortunately the Catholic Church is modern.

The Chiltern War Memorial is at the end of the main street.

There is a Museum in Chiltern where all facts and details are readily observed. The town as a whole is a bit of a Museum.

There are two remaining old and historic hotels in Chiltern.

Chiltern is a nice spot and a minimum of a few hours will be required to enjoy.

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