Mortlake is the next town encounted when heading west along the Hamilton Highway. Mortlake is a very impressive heritage centre with a considerable number of bluestone buildings that in essence is a museum in itself. Mortlake is a really nice town. Any traveler will appreciate what is on offer and the avenue of trees will set the scene.

Mortlake is situated at the foot of Mount Shadwell, formed 25,000 years ago. It is believed that it last erupted about 5,000 years ago. The large ejected rocks are called volcanic bombs. They are often egg shaped because they cooled as they were being thrown through the air. These bombs can contain olivine, a green crystal also known as period, and the birthstone for August. Self-proclaimed as the Olivine capital of Australia, it is also known for its bluestone buildings, with several fine examples dating back to the 1850s visible from the Hamilton Highway.

The first white settlers to arrive in Mortlake were probably David Fisher and his party in 1839, which set up a station which was left under the charge of Thomas Anderson. Establishment of Mortlake as a settlement occurred in the 1850s and 1860s.

The Mortlake War Memorial has a high profile at the eastern end of the cbd. The Boar War Memorial is within the gardens.

The Catholic Church is another modern mistake, but the Anglican, United and Lutheran bluestone churches are well over 100 years old and quite something.

Both the Mortlake Hotels are old buildings and classic Victorian pubs for the era.

Mortlake has much to offer so an overnight at a minimum is strongly recommended.

Heritage diary



Fireplace Dump Station
General Store Bottled Gas
Internet Caravan
Camping   4WD
Kitchen Facilities Disabled access
Laundry Toilets
Campervans Accommodation
Meals   Airport
Pets Allowed   Boat Ramp
Telephone Picnic Area
Roadside Rest Area Electricity
Scenic Swimming
Tap water   Thermal Area
Stream Water   Walking tracks
Rotary Club Lions Club
Gymnasium Gardens
Winery   Whitewater Rafting
Surfing   Skydiving
Skiing Scenic Flights
Postal Service Police
Movie Location   Mountain Biking
Kayaking   Jet Boating
Information Hospital
Hang Gliding Golf Course