The longest golf course in the world!! (a very legitimate claim).

For reasons that are quickly obvious to the ‘golfer’ the eighteen holes ‘links’ course is about the status of playing ‘the Nullarbor links’ course rather than playing a golf course. The only things in common is the ball (only if not lost), the number of clubs you do not need and the firm belief that this is all about fun. Plus the fact the ‘links’ breaks up what is a long drive. No pun intended.

Players (travellers) use a score card purchased in Kalgoolie or Ceduna for 60 bucks and play holes at various sites along this long/interesting two state road. On presenting the completed card the participant/s can claim a certificate for playing "the World’s Longest Golf course."

The tee off points, the detail there-of, the fairway alignments and the ‘greens’ are managed to a professional level. The commitment by the player, then getting started, the course cards, tee off management, club rental and sign off is a delight to be a part of.

The flaw in the links is the assumption the traveler will pass through Kalgoolie and not Esperance. In time this traveler is of the opinion the course will split at Norseman, with three holes north and three holes south. That said after playing the 15 holes of the actual Nullarbor what a lot of fun.

The Links is a combination of actual golf clubs, the semblance of golf courses and ‘new’ golf holes. Delight in the consistency of the tee off blocks.

Be sure to use a yellow iridescent ball and allow up to 30 minutes playing a hole on the links course.

For the golf purist, the golf long handicapper and hacker the Nullarbor Links comes recommended.

Here are the tee/ fairway photographs of 14 holes commencing at Norseman.


On the return trip these are the final three hole are Silver Lake just 30 k south of Boulder and then the commencing (or concluding ) holes at the Kalgoolie Golf Course. (a proper golf course)

Be sure to enjoy the golf or different experience.



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