Quairading is the next Wheatbelt town when heading west from Bruce Rock towards York. Quairading is a very pretty small town that has the majority of essential services. The main street is a wide avenue with lots of gardens. Very appealing.

Our town’s name is derived from ‘Kwirading’ - the Aboriginal name for the home of small bush kangaroo. ‘Kwirading Spring’, just south of the town, was used by Aboriginals as a stopping place

Quairading was first recognised as an agricultural area in the early 1860's and developed as a rural centre for the ever expanding wheat and sheep industry.

Quairading is a farming community with a population of approximately 1,200, producing cereal and grain crops, wool, sheep, cattle and Rural Service Industries.

The district includes the localities of Quairading, Pantapin, Yoting, Badjaling, Dangin, South Caroling, Balkuling, Doodenanning & Wamenusking.

The Quairading Museum gives a great insight into the history of the region.

The Catholic Church is a century plus building. The Anglican and the United are modern.

The Quairading Hotel is a grand classic century plus pub.

The War Memorial is represented in the Memorial Gardens and in the cbd.

There are a number of old buildings that could carry heritage listing.

Quairading is a nice spot and visit is recommended.

Heritage diary



  Fireplace Dump Station
General Store Bottled Gas
Internet Caravan
Camping   4WD
Kitchen Facilities Disabled access
  Laundry Toilets
Campervans Accommodation
Meals   Airport
Pets Allowed   Boat Ramp
Telephone Picnic Area
Roadside Rest Area Electricity
Scenic Swimming
Tap water   Thermal Area
Stream Water   Walking tracks
  Rotary Club Lions Club
Gymnasium   Gardens
Winery   Whitewater Rafting
  Surfing   Skydiving
Skiing   Scenic Flights
Postal Service Police
Movie Location   Mountain Biking
  Kayaking   Jet Boating
Information Hospital
Hang Gliding Golf Course