CHRISTCHURCH As at Feb  2010

Post earthquake comment is in red.

The city (down town) is now a shadow of its former self. The visual destruction by the February earthquake is clear for all to see and there has been destruction on a massive scale. But it is what you don't see that is the real problem. Most brick churches as an example may not survive. Infrastructure damage is  massive, with many roads and bridges needing repair.  Many residents are still in the dark about their future and understandably upset. But that said,  there is an air of undeniable optimism, and the excited anticipation of a 'new' city is gathering strength.

Christchurch is without doubt the most beautiful city/communal environment in New Zealand. From a city perspective the planning that set up Christchurch over 150 years ago now bears fruit that would be beyond Colonel Lightfoot's wildest imaginations.still in use

The name of Christchurch was agreed on at the first meeting of the association on 27 March 1848. It was suggested by John Robert Godley, who had attended Christ Church Oxford. Hence the cultural and culture of the city.

The gardensgone, theatres, period buildings, cathedralsgonegonegone the parks, the tramwaygone and the overall beauty are totally absorbing.still in usestill in usegone

 St Michaels is quite magnificent. still in use

The Cultural Precinct provides a backdrop to a vibrant scene of ever-changing arts, cultural, and heritage attractions within an area of less than one square kilometre. The Arts Centre, the Canterbury Museum and the Art Gallery are located in the Cultural Precinctstill in use

The river that flows through the centre of the city (its banks now largely forming an urban park) was named Avon  at the request of the pioneering Deans brothers to commemorate the Scottish Avon, which rises in the Ayrshire hills near what was their grandfathers' farm and flows into the Clyde. The Avon is city feature of note.back in use

Tourism is also a significant factor of the local economy. The closeness of the ski-fields and other attractions of the Southern Alps, and hotelsstill in use,still in use gone a casino, and an airport that meet international standards make Christchurch a stopover destination for many tourists. and still will

From a tourist perspective Christchurch quickly becomes the favoured/preferred and without doubt the city with the lasting memory. Christchurch is that sort of place. A lasting impression is guaranteed. and still will

The Christchurch War Memorial has a strong presence in Cathedral Square.gone

Christchurch is now New Zealandís third largest city and Christchurch is certainly the capitol of the South Island. The city experienced a severe earthquake in February 2011. This beautiful city was severely affected by the quake and is now in serious re-build mode. and will be for many years to come

The Christchurch War Memorial is a simple and moving acknowledgment.accessible

War Memorial Gates oversee destruction.accessible

The agricultural industry has always been the economic core of Christchurch. The city has long had industry based on the surrounding farming country. and still does

 To delight in this great city allow a minimum of four days and include a visit to the Antarctica Centre.still in useand lots of others too


Fireplace Dump Station
General Store Bottled Gas
Internet Caravan
Camping 4WD
Kitchen Facilities Disabled access
Laundry Toilets
Campervans Accommodation
Meals Airport
Pets Allowed Boat Ramp
Telephone Picnic Area
Roadside Rest Area Electricity
Scenic Swimming
Tap water   Thermal Area
Stream Water Walking tracks
Rotary Club Lions Club
Gymnasium Gardens
Winery Whitewater Rafting
Surfing Skydiving
Skiing Scenic Flights
Postal Service Police
Movie Location   Mountain Biking
Kayaking Jet Boating
Information Hospital
Hang Gliding Golf Course