The mighty kauri tree has had a significant role in the history of New Zealand. But in truth the majority of the Kauris use was in Australia. Most pre federation homes and buildings in Sydney would have some Kauri used for key structural components.

The shipping activities between NZ and OZ moving Kauri were of massive proportion has the ships transported the huge logs.

The Kauri forests in northern New Zealand were all but decimated in the end of the19th century as the industry plundered this rich but almost limitless resource. By the mid 20th century the timber was a protected species.

There are now areas in NZ where the Kauri forests managed national parks. There is a particular tree at one such park that has become quite famous and is a not to be missed visit. Tane Mahuta is a big tree. We quote Wikipedia:-

“Tāne Mahuta is the largest kauri known to stand today, and has the following measurements:

Trunk girth 13.77 m (45.18 ft), Trunk height 17.68 m (58 ft), Total height 51.2 m (167.98 ft), Trunk volume 244.5 m³, Total volume including the crown 516.7 m

The tree is a remnant of the ancient subtropical rainforest that once grew on the North Auckland Peninsula. Tāne Mahuta is the most famous tree in New Zealand, along with Te Matua Ngahere. It is thought it was discovered and identified in the 1920s when contractors surveyed the present State Highway 12 route through the forest. In 1928 Nicholas Yakas and other bushmen, who were building the road, also identified the tree.

Its age is unknown but is estimated to be between 1250 and 2500 years old. Its Māori name means "Lord of the Forest" (see Tāne  from the name of a god in the Māori pantheon."

Tane Mahuta is one of world’s iconic trees. The interesting fact is the tree was representative of those being felled.

Just south of Doraville is the Kauri Museum. This is also a not to be missed visit and allow half a day to enjoy what the Museum has to offer. The Kauri Museum is quite something, and one of the best. 


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