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For your information. We advise readers that in most  instances with our town synopsis we utilize copy and paste web based data,  This is usually Wikipedia. If we have used extensive or other backup material, we always quote the source.

In some instances the thumbnail image may not replicate.

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All photographs taken are with Fujifilm Cameras



The Australian aspects of the 'Bustout' project,  town visits  and the  town/location/site synopsis process is  completed.

Click on Western AustraliaQueensland,    Northern Territory,      NSW        South Australia   , VictoriaTasmania  and also  New Zealand to visit the town and iconic sites  synopsis.

For the RV/ caravan traveller in Australia,  there are numerous maps, trade booklets and 'association guides' to assist your trip, parking sites and accommodation decisions. 

For 'Bustout'  we found the Caravan Parks Australia Wide  with the listed parks in state order with the  Hema Maps   a very valuable tool (the bible). This atlas quickly became the only reference point for maps and/or camping/roadside site decisions during our two year tour of Australia.

The key stats for Australia after covering 83,000 kms are:-

We have spent time at a town or place to enjoy……..1300 in total

We have reviewed and written a synopsis on 1100 locations

We have taken over 30,000 photos.

We have logged (recorded date and location) 4000 churches, 1600 museums, 1300 War Memorials and 5000 hotels and also another 15,000 plus, statues, town scenes and iconic points of interest. WOW

We are  selecting our top 50 observations in Australia and will post later this year.

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General Store Shops
Internet Internet Cafe
Camping Camping Permitted
Kitchen Facilities Kitchen Facilities
Laundry Laundromat
Campervans Campervan Park
Meals Cafe
Pets Allowed Pet Friendly
Telephone Telephone
Roadside Rest Area Roadside Rest Area
Scenic I Wish I Had My Camera
Tap water Water
Stream Water Stream Water
Rotary Club Active Rotary
Gymnasium Gym
Winery Vineyards/ Winery
Surfing Surf Beaches Nearby
Skiing Ski Fields Nearby
Postal Service Post Shop
Movie Location Movie Set Location
Kayaking Kayaking/Canoe
Information Information Centre
Hang Gliding Hang Gliding
Dump Station Camp Waste Site
Bottled Gas Gas Available
Caravan Caravan Site
4WD Four Wheel Drive
Disabled access Wheel Chair Friendly
Toilets Toilets
Accommodation Hotels, Motels and/or Cabins
Airport Airport
Boat Ramp Boat Ramp
Picnic Area Picnic Area
Electricity Power Access
Swimming Swimming Pool
Thermal Area Thermal Area
Walking tracks Walking Tracks
Lions Club Active Lions
Gardens Gardens
  Whitewater Rafting White Water Rafting
  Skydiving Sky Diving
  Scenic Flights Scenic Flights
Police Police Station
  Mountain Biking Mountain Biking
  Jet Boating Jet Boats
  Hospital Medical Facilities
  Golf Course Golf Course