The ‘BUST OUT’ way is with an RV Motor Home or Caravan and driving throughout New Zealand and Australia.


Retired, or about to retire; then the wide outdoors and country towns of Australia and New Zealand await you. After a lifetime of working in Melbourne, Sydney or Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch or any of our larger cities its time to spend time and discover the other New Zealand and Australia.


Bust Out is expressing your inner cravings to do something different now, and this is the way forward.


Bustout is currently in Queensland


‘Bust Out' is planned to be the title of a publication covering the issues that are involved with a two to three year Trans Tasman Motor home ‘holiday'.


'Bust Out' is identifying  that segment of the emerging ‘Baby Boomer’ retirement market in both New Zealand and Australia, where very similar demographic profile exist.


The Baby Boomers continue to be aspirational, and sitting at home for long periods will not be on many 'retired 'agendas. Recognise this descriptor???? If so Bust Out will be for you.


Travel, in all sorts of form/function will be uppermost in the minds of those action orientated people.


Driving around Australia will be an  objective for many Aussies and Kiwis. Driving around Australasia for most is not a consideration.


After our Icon Discovery the shipping of campervans across the ditch (subject to reconciled costs) may be a logical assessment for many and Bust Out is about this market.


Bust Out, will/may also be the publication  targeted at the current caravan and campervan enthusiast.


Bust Out will also bring small town New Zealand and Australia back into favour. Small towns and cities have been in many instances by-passed by freeways  for other glitzy tourist destinations.


Bust Out will cover in the first instance the following issues in  detail:-


  1. The choice of travel; i.e. private vehicle, caravan and/ or motor home and the merits or otherwise.

  2. The purchase of the vehicle/s, trailers and vehicle license matters

  3. The funding options, including motel/hotel costings

  4. The Carnet de Passage en Douane. How it works pitfalls and benefits

  5. The shipping options and pitfalls

  6. Insurances and warranties

  7. Your residence, package, storage and rental income requirements.

  8. Taxation matters should they apply

  9. Communications with family and the outside world

  10. Other holiday/lifestyle objectives and separation planning.

  11. Superannuation and benefits

  12. Let’s Go; we have now got the bases covered.

  13. 10 Rooms to 1; the campervan and holiday park experience.

  14. New Zealand; the icon discovery.

With the New Zealand leg completed the planning of the publication has now moved to the next step.